Christmas Day

A Heartwarming Christmas Day at The Quicken Tree:

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The Quicken Tree came alive with joy and laughter on Christmas Day making it an unforgettable celebration, a true testament to the festive season’s spirit—and a cracker of a Christmas!

Our incredible team at The Quicken Tree poured their hearts into making this day an absolute success. Their dedication, meticulous attention, and passion for spreading joy played an instrumental role. A heartfelt thank you to every team member for their unwavering commitment. The real stars of the day were our guests—the heartbeat of our celebration. The feedback we received spoke volumes:

Your heartwarming feedback fills us with immense gratitude and fuels our passion for creating unforgettable experiences. To everyone who celebrated with us, thank you for choosing The Quicken Tree for your Christmas Day celebration. We eagerly look forward to more magical moments together in 2024. 🥂

Lucy – Restaurant Manager.

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Welcome to the All New Quicken Tree

We’ve been working hard to bring an ‘all new’ approach to The Quicken Tree. We have new decor and furniture, a new management team, new menus and a new website with a virtual tour option so you can take a look around the place. 

Come in and say hello to the new team and let us know what you think of the new menu.

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